About Us

About PromoCentral

Goodwill. Gratitude. Valuing partnerships. Brand awareness. Brand loyalty. An emotional connection. Repeat purchases. Driving sales. The launch of a new product.

There are various reasons companies give gifts and run promotions involving premium items. And surely, no reason is unimportant.

Equally important are budgets, delivery deadlines, quality issues and achieving concrete goals.

Combining these concerns to help come up with successful campaigns is what being a “go-to” supplier is all about. And this is what we do best.

PromoCentral is a veteran in the corporate gifts & promotional items industry. We have been in this business since 1993, and have built a solid reputation as a reliable vendor to top corporations with tough requirements.

  • We keep abreast of news affecting not only our industry but also the business of our clients.
  • We are aware of product trends and innovations.
  • On top of this, our China office has over 200 factories on active file, assuring that we source from the ones best suited to your needs. PromoCentral China also makes sure that quality standards are diligently followed.

Feel free to browse our site and know what products we offer. If you are looking for specific items but cannot find them here, please contact us. We will be pleased to put our experience and expertise behind your every need for gifts & premiums.