1. Smart Sticky

    There are times we want to carry just one thing. To a meeting. To take a stroll. To go and grab a quick bite for lunch.

    That one thing almost always is our phone. But then we might need to bring credit cards. Business cards.

    Lose the bulk and free up your hands. Just use our Smart Sticky! This nifty silicone tool carries 3 neat functions. It serves as a phone stand, card holder and mobile finger ring! Swiftly go from place to place, from one meeting to the next. Just make sure to fit your phone with Smart Sticky from PromoCentral!

    Call us for your orders at +632 7210244 (Manila) / +65 9178 3545 (Singapore) / +62 811 3400823 (Jakarta) or email us at office@promocentral.net.

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  2. Playbulb Candle

    Customize this exclusive product with your brand or company logo! Call us +632 7210244 or email us at office@promocentral.net for your inquiries!

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  3. Sounds Better

    Not only do gifts & premiums look better over at PromoCentral. They also SOUND better.

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  4. Snap-on Power

    Never miss a selfie moment with POWERBOOST, the ultra portable powerbank.

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  5. Power-Up in Style

    Expect nothing less from PromoCentral. Here we have another exclusive sure to be a sought-after gift/giveaway item.

    We are very pleased to introduce THETA Powerbank to the Philippine market, a registered product of PromoCentral partner, Chili.

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