Not only do gifts & premiums look better over at PromoCentral. They also SOUND better.

We have an unequalled lineup of mobile music accessories, and here are just two of the examples, from our partner PSL:

PINNA Headphones offer exceptional sound quality housed in a modern, stylish look

Pinna is available in 6 trendy colors: black, blue, green, orange, red and white.  It is lightweight and foldable, and therefore easy to carry along.  Some technical specs: frequency response 50Hz-20KHz, distortion less than 3%, sensitivity 106dB +/- 3dB and impedance 32 Ohms.

MAGIC BEAN is a mobile phone stand with sound amplifier feature, turning the mono sound of your smartphone to stereo effect. 

Its design is inspired by the late-60’s furnishings trend, evoking Peace, Love… and Music!  Magic Bean is suitable for all smartphones with the speaker positioned on the bottom of the phone.

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